Monday, July 25, 2011


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Friday, December 3, 2010

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Calling all linkers!

As I've mentioned in an earlier post, I'm in the process of starting a new blog. If you have linked up Old School Cool in your blog, please leave me a comment so that I can link you up in the new blog. Like what I have said, Old School never dies. This blog will remain open and I will still be posting "old school cool-ish" entries in the new blog so I hope that you guys can come check it out when it goes live. Thank you again!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Old School Never Dies...

For the past couple of months, some of you may have noticed the dwindling amount of posts in my blog. It's a combination of a lot of things which all fall under the category of "life". I still want to continue blogging but like a phoenix rising from the ashes, I will do so with a new blog. I think that is the only way to go if I want to start fresh. There is so much going on in my life that trying to pigeon hole all my experiences and thoughts in a vintage-inspired blog has become difficult, if not limiting. Old School Cool has been a part of my life and I want to thank all my readers and followers for sharing their valuable time with me and my humble blog. I will always cherish this blog for it has led me to other interesting bloggers. Reading all your comments have always been a highlight of my simple everyday life and I do hope that you will continue to follow me in my journey. The journey does not end here. The new one is just about to begin so please stay tuned... 

Monday, November 22, 2010

Red and White Polkadot Bow Dress by Moschino!

I just listed this lovely Moschino Cruise Me Baby Red and White Polkadot Bow Dress in my Etsy store. Since I was not able to find a similar item on the Internet, I am open to considering offers for this lovely dress. Just drop me a note!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

NY Preppy Blue.

We are most definitely in a preppy mood today. Well, when I layer up, I almost always tend to lean on the preppy side. Sweaters, blazers, that sort of thing. I just recently purchased the navy blue driving cap from J.Crew and it matched perfectly with my Ann Taylor blazer so I pretty much built my outfit around those 2 items. I wanted to break the monotony that was going on below in the leg/shoes area by wearing probably a pair of gray socks but lo and behold, with the gazillion pairs of socks jammed in my sock drawer, none of them were the perfect shade. And so, this was my outfit for today. (And yes, I sincerely apologize for the corniness of the title of this post) Now, off to watch some more episodes of Dexter Season 3...

  • Blue Wool Driving Cap: J.Crew
  • Black Floral Brooch: Francesca's Collection
  • Preppy Tweed Blazer: Ann Taylor Loft
  • White Pocket V-Neck Tee: Old Navy
  • Black Shorts: Express
  • Black Belt: Target
  • Gray Tights: Target
  • Navy Blue T-Strap Shoes: JCPenney

Help? Any kind soul out there? Miserable in Michigan.

Ok. I'm totally and absolutely depressed. Well, "depressed" may not be the word. Maybe "irritated" and slightly "miserable" would be better words to describe how I feel. I know that the Lanvin collection came out today and unfortunately, the H&M stores in my lovely state of Michigan will not be carrying the said collection. They definitely had a couple of cute dresses in that collection and I was totally and absolutely bummed I will not have a chance to see or even touch them. To my desperation, I even called out of state stores to see if I will be able to purchase them via the phone but alas, my fate is utter $#!+ as they cannot even sell me the $3.95 tote bags over the phone. Why? In this day and age... Why doesn't H&M have an online store?!?!?!?! Why, oh, why?!?!?!?! I've accepted the fact that the only Lanvin item I will probably get from this collection would be the tote bags. But that will only be possible with YOUR help. If any of my kind readers would be willing to snag me a couple of their tote bags, I would greatly, deeply, sincerely appreciate it with all my heart. I will pay tag price + shipping. Anyone willing to help a sister out?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

T is for Tucker and T-Strap.

I have been living under a rock for the past months. If I did not visit the Target website, I would have completely missed my opportunity to snag some Tucker items. I ordered the outfits below online and was very pleased with the lightness and silkiness of the fabric. I have to say that the first outfit has got to be my favorite. Polkadots and a tweedy wool skirt? Absolutely cute! I had to order the skirts in different sizes though because bottoms are weird like that. I usually wear a 2/4 but for this herringbone wool skirt, I actually ended up sticking with the size 9. Must be water retention or the poundage I've gained the past months. I don't know. Size is nothing but a number. As much as the orange ruffled dress looks pretty, it does not compliment my skin tone and so it will be put up on sale on my eBay page for those of you who may be interested.

On other online-shopping related news, I ordered a couple of new shoes from, Aldo's sister company. Free shipping and additional 30% off clearance? You've had me at hello. Hehehe! Below are the photos of the lovelies I've ordered. I was really giddy with excitement to see that the t-strap heels were on sale. The design is very classy. None of those frilly stuff. I also got the gray wedge bootie. They have yet to arrive but I hope they work out.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Halloween 2010

The mister and I spent Halloween with his family. I got my in-laws' dogs some Halloween t-shirts and devil horns for the special ocassion. They look so cute! They walked around the house wearing their outfits. So adorable!

I wasn't going to dress up but at the very last second, I decided to go as a Gothic Victorian Doll. I've had this vintage velvet dress lying around and since I cannot really wear it on a "normal" day, I figured that Halloween would be a good excuse to finally wear it out. I wanted to add more elements to my attire to really give it that Gothic Victorian Doll vibe (think exagerated eyelashes, super rosy cheeks, maybe even pale make-up?) but the mister thought it would be best to keep it minimal. We were, after all, still dropping by Joann's and Old Navy on the way to his parents' house.

Halloween was a blast. We spent the evening standing on his parents' porch, handing out candy. It was really nice seeing all those kids in costume. My favorite was a chicken costume. We had a great time although we were freezing! I wore leggings underneathe my tights and still I was cold! When my toes were starting to get numb, I decided to go in the house and watch through the windows. The little doggies wanted to see what was going on too so they took turns sitting on my lap. I also got to take home some candy which is always awesome! I hope everyone had a great Halloween, though this post is a tad late.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Give and Get is here!

It's that time of year again to Give and Get! From November 11-14, 2010, get 30% off at Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Piperlime and Athleta. Just click the link above and print out your in-store coupon. The coupon can be used multiple times so please feel free to spread the word and share the love! A 5% donation will be made to a non-profit partner based on the total purchase amount. The organization I chose is Feeding America.

Let's all join together this holiday season to raise money and awareness. Let's put our shopping addiction to good use. Let's all give and get!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I just posted a look in my Lookbook page for a Halloween Costume Contest they are having. If you guys have the time, please do drop on by and give me a HYPE. I did the gunshot wound prosthetic make-up myself. I'm not the type to *toot* my own horn but I spent the whole day practically telling people that, no, they cannot poke their finger through the "hole" in my forehead. Needless to say, they were creeped out and thought it was real! Personally, I am tired of seeing girls scantily dressed on Halloween. Sexy nurse, sexy pirate, sexy firewoman, sexy anything! GAH! Whatever happened to good old fashioned creepy/scary/spooky Halloween fun?!? Ladies, this is how to get your "freak" on... Now, please HYPE me. Thank you! :) 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Let There Be Wackiness

Everytime my friends and I get together, we are guaranteed a good time AND a photo op. Since a couple of our friends are into photography, we end up taking tons and tons of photos. It's really fun. We all get to let loose and just get wacky. Sometimes, it's good to let your hair down and just let yourself go, you know?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I haven't uploaded any outfit posts in a long time because everytime I meant to take a photo, my camera is either a) lost b) doesn't have battery or c) doesn't have the memory card in. All those missed opportunities! *shakes fists* This outfit post isn't really that special but since I was visiting a friend who is always willing to take photos of me, I had some taken. This outfit would be my "everyday" look. (Yes, as much as I would like to wear flowy dresses, full skirts and look "vintage" everyday, I cannot.) With what I do, I gots to be comfortables, you know?

I just have to say I LOVE LOVE LOT this Merona jersery blazer from Target! I've been wanting a jersey blazer but was only lucky to have a black one. Finally, I have a light gray (as pictured) and a dark heathered gray is on its way too! (Got it from the website) I usually wait for items to go on clearance but these blazers are too perfect to risk it. They are exactly what I wanted. Blazers are so effortlessly chic. It levels up any outfit just like that! Plus, it's so preppy, I love it! (Sometimes, I dress "too" preppy, that some people think I'm actually still in school! Being told that my style is preppy is a compliment to me)

  • Grey Jersey Blazer: Target
  • White V Neck T-Shirt: Old Navy
  • Jeans: J.Crew
  • Jazz Lace-Ups: Olsenboye
In other Target website news, I am so relieved that the Liberty of London home items are finally on clearance on the website. I bought some bed stuff in the super cute Sixty print. Mind you, I don't have an extra bed for recently purchased bed stuff but I just had to have them! I would buy them for our current bed but something tells me that Mr. Old School will not be too pleased lying down on a bed of lovely floral pastelness.

So, that's all for now. I tool some photos and should be updating the shop soon. Stay lovely, everyone!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

All Clogged Up

I recently bought 2 pairs of t-strap clogs at the Forever 21 website. They are a steal at $24.80 a pair so I got one of each color. (Yes, I'm a shoe addict like that) I don't have tons of money to afford Swedish Hasbeens so this seems like a good and affordable alternative. I'm not really a clog person either but you know what they say, you'll never know until you try, right?

The lovelies arrived today and I was really surprised at how comfortable they are! After close inspection, I'm really impressed at how cute they look. I mean, the heels aren't really wood but that's perfectly fine with me. I just like my shoes to have simple classic lines, you know? Nothing too frilly or anything of that sort. So these are really perfect! They still have sizes and colors available in the website so go check it out!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Louis Vuitton Fall 2010

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