Saturday, February 27, 2010

More Rodarte Stuff!

I just added more Rodarte stuff in my eBay listings. I sold most of my Satin Bow Dresses already except for one! I also sold most of my Kimono Raincoats too! Come and get it while you still can! Please support my eBay listings so I can support my family. (And my shopping addiction, my ravenous hamsters, and of course, my bottomless headhole that I must constantly fill with cookies, ice cream and candy!) Thank you.

Outfit Post: All That Dramz.

I finally got to wear one of my vintage Venetian scroll design sweaters. Something about them just makes me think of old school t.v. soaps like Dynasty and Falcon Crest. Ah! Your daily dose of dramz, glitz and cheez. Hehehe! (Not that I watched them or anything. Hey! I was still in my bloomers!) It's probably the whole Venetian scroll design thing that invokes that glitzy cheezy factor. I love it! The sweater was actually long enough (and with the help of my non-existent backside) I was able to wear it as a tunic. For an added bit of bling, I also wore my newly acquired zebra pin. There's nothing like old school t.v. for some wardrobe inspiration. Then again, wallpapers work too! (Having just realized my awesome sweater actually looks like wallpaper in a really old house) Wah! I still love it!

  • Sweater: Vintage Jones New York
  • Tights: Target
  • Lace-Up Boots: Forever 21
  • Zebra Pin: Thrifted

Friday, February 26, 2010

My Name is Jonah.

First of all, I know that Weezer's song is about Jonas and not Jonah. I just thought it would be kind of clever to make some sort of connection since that song has been randomly playing in my head. Anyways...

I found a really charming whale pin at the local thrift store today. See how happy he looks? I have this quirky thing that I have to name almost all my belongings (Well, those that have a "face" or a "personality" at least) and the first name that came to mind was "Jonah". I know that Jonah was the man the whale swallowed but since there's no record of what the whale's name was, I think Jonah will do just fine. If you tilt your head to the side, Jonah almost looks like a heart. (If hearts can swallow you up whole and barf you up, sure!)

I haven't really thought about whales until the other day actually so this pin came as a lovely and timely surprise. I still think that whales are lovely creatures. And now for your viewing pleasure...

NOTE: Random Jonah and the Whale images taken from the Internets. (Clockwise, from top right: Johanna Hildebrandt, A Lois White, Flensted Mobiles, and Driedoutinkpens)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Shop Update: Ahoy Mate!

This mini shop update was inspired by a nautical theme. With spring just around the corner, lakes all over Michigan will start defrosting. Plus, breton stripes are making a come back. I hope you guys will enjoy it! Come sail away with me!

NOTE: Inspiring photos taken from (Clockwise, starting from top left: Elin J. Ellen H. Taylor S. Jessica B.)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sister Shop Giveaway!

Anyday now, my other Etsy shop, PrettyPixels, will be getting its 100th sale! The lucky customer will get a goodie bag full of super secret, unreleased PrettyPixels items. As I wait for the lucky customer to make that lucky purchase, I decided to have a blog giveaway to celebrate the shop's milestone! The blog winner will get the same goodie bag full of super secret, unreleased PrettyPixels items too! Please drop by and join the fun! Click the balloons below! :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Cath Kidston's Pretty Things.

If you love prints, then this website is for you! Cath Kidston offers accessories, clothing, and even fabrics in lovely prints of flowers, stars, cowboys and cars! Their items have a very vintage vibe to it, reminiscent of one's childhood. From their whimsical circus prints to their romantic blooms, it's not hard to fall in love with their products. I personally love their kid's suitcases. It's so old school cool! Be sure to check out their FREE Desktop Wallpapers too!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

J.Crew Lovelies.

I have a confession to make. I am a J.Crew catalogue whore! I collect them like they're priceless pieces of art! Well, ok. That was an exageration but I do squeal like little girl every time I get one in the mail. But for people who are subscribed to their mailing list, you have to admit, they are quite lovely and inspiring. I keep them for visual and creative stimulation. I just love the way they put their outfits together! It's classic, simple, and definitely pretty! Plus, they have the loveliest color palettes too!

Truth is, I also collect them for fashion inspiration. I'm quite monotonous and OCD (Having been dressed by my loving mother in matching outfits with my sisters when we were younger) when it comes to my outfits so I need all the help I can get to "break the mold". (This will be a work in progress forever and ever as I was never born trendy) As much as I would love to go hoard all of their items and be dressed head to toe in J.Crew to look effortlessly fashionable, I cannot afford it. So instead, I turn to the local consignment shop or vintage store for bargainista knock-offs. (I do get lucky sometimes and score a couple of actual J.Crew items) But I have to say, I don't think I'll ever find a pair of delicate blush pink brogues as the ones pictured below. It was ♥ at first sight. *sigh*

UPDATE: I will DEFINITELY not find a pair EVER as the J.Crew Camden brogues in blush pink is sold out. Boo! :(

Friday, February 12, 2010

Ravenous For Rodarte?

It's no secret that I'm a starving artist and I constantly need to think of ways to make some moolah to feed my bottomless headhole. If you're in the market for some Rodarte for Target items, please do check out my eBay listings.

Well, we all love the black satin bow dress and the cute tulle skirts but I must say, I really like the raincoat too. It's functional as it is fashionable. I think it's rather awesome that it comes with its own tote bag too. It's a definite must-have with spring just around the corner.

Shop Update.

Just a quick shop update until I get my stuff (And my brain) organized. The hanger rail in my closet (Finally) gave in so now, my clothes are all over the place. My closet puked out all my clothes! Silly closet! *Shakes fist* I never thought floor space would be such a valuable commodity until now. I have to squeeze my feet in tiny spaces to get around! I'm actually sleeping in the living room until I get things back in order. But knowing me, I guess it's safe to say I'll be occupying the living room for quite some time. My room is a disaster area no mother (Or neat freak) would want to see. Believe me.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fryes With A Side Of Mustard.

After what feels like forever, my Frye lace-up boots are finally home. (Ah! The root of all this madness!) I got them almost 2 weeks ago but I had to send them out to the shoe repair shop for some much needed TLC. (I'd polish them myself but I just didn't know where to start!) When I first saw them, there was definitely no doubt that they were in used vintage condition. They still look vintage and used (Which is actually the point) but they look undeniably a lot "happier" and "healthier" now. The cobbler said they have a couple more thousand miles in them.

Welcome home, babies!

Outfit Post: Hello, Yellow!

I was able to find yellow tights over the weekend and so, I finally got to wear my vintage brown belted shirt dress today. I wore it to the doctor's office. The lady who greeted me was gushing about how cute my outfit was and was asking whether or not I knitted my hat myself. I politely said "Thank you" and informed her that I actually bought the hat. (I can crochet though!) Next thing I knew, she was telling the other nurses and assistants to take a look at me. For a while there, it actually felt like being in some sort of family reunion, like I was surrounded by all these aunts and relatives I have never heard of, only it wasn't a reunion and they weren't my aunts or relatives. Needless to say, this outfit was a big hit at the doctor's office and I'll take that as a good thing.

  • Brown Belted Dress: Vintage
  • Beret: Forever 21
  • Coat: Old Navy
  • Tights: Wet Seal
  • T-Strap Mary Janes: Vintage

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Outfit Post: Daily Doily

I have been meaning to post some vintage outfits I have collected but wasn't able to until my tripod arrived. (The tripod actually arrived yesterday but it wasn't until this morning that we realized that our awesome UPS guy left it at our door late last night) Anyway, first outfit I wanted to share was this lovely vintage dress. It's meant for a little girl so I had to squeeze myself into this one. It's tweed and has dainty doily details on the neckline and pockets. It has little bows on the pockets too. I wore my Marc Fisher oxford heels with it and just the usual black tights.

  • Dress: Vintage
  • Beret: Forever 21
  • Tights: Target
  • Oxfords: Marc Fisher

Friday, February 5, 2010

First Feature!

My embroidered cardigan is featured on The Adventures of a Vintage Vixen today! (Thank you very much for the awesome feature, Jessica!)Interestingly enough, the entry was about the lovely Zooey Deschanel, whom I recently saw in 500 Days of Summer. This was just the coolest things ever because I absolutely ♥ Zooey Deschanel! The girl's got style and I would definitely agree with the Vintage Vixen that the embroidered cardigan is reminiscent of it. Zooey definitely has that old school charm and beauty about her that makes me completely envious. If only my frizzy hair would behave, I would totally chop off my bangs and get a haircut just like hers. That would be the day.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Twice In A Lifetime.

Twice. That's how many times I got lucky this week when it comes to scoring vintage Diane von Furstenberg luggage. I do not travel a lot but I figured having proper luggage would hopefully invite some much needed escape into my life. (Attention, Universe!) I would also be the first to say that I am definitely no bag hag nor am I well educated in the world of designer handbags and such but I do know a good deal when I see one.

These babies are definitely a good deal! The 2-piece floral ones are definitely in good used vintage condition. They have some scuff marks here and there and have definitely been to places. One of the zipper pulls is broken though but the zipper still works fine. *whew* The Shanghai Boarding Bag, however, is in *gasp* mint condition! It doesn't seem like the previous owner used it all. The name tag is still blank! The bigger wheeled version was also at the store but was rather decrepit so I decided to let that one go. Besides, I only had a few bucks to spare that day. I reckon, 2 DVF bags will do just fine.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Soft Opening.

After 10 years, I have finally listed some items in my new shop. I have forgotten how much work it is. I have completely underestimated the time and effort it takes in listing an item. In my mind, it was like, take pictures, write something clever, and then post, all in the span of, say, 10 minutes? Sadly, it wasn't that easy. But anyway, we are now open for business. I sincerely hope that people will find my "treasures" as precious and unique as I do. Welcome to Old School Cool!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cameo Appearance.

I have been going to a lot of thrift stores and vintage shops for the longest time now and I rarely ever find any cameos. I would occasionally find one but sadly, it would either be too tacky or gaudy and so, I must let it go. I have always envisioned my cameo to be simple and classy and I always wanted it to have "meaning". I guess I can buy a brand new one and just spare myself from all "this" but "this" is actually what makes the whole process exciting.

Today, I finally found the one! (Cue harp sounds here) There it was, perched on the glass with other shiny objects. Its beauty was undeniable and distinct. I just knew it was the one. I knew I have to have it. This cameo was meant to be found by me. This loveliness that once gave someone a touch of class and a lot of joy will now be mine.

I must say, I am definitely no expert when it comes to cameos. I have not the slightest clue as to what to look for when it comes to quality or value but this cameo is pretty, that I know for sure. The shape is classic and the face is delicate and lovely. The cameo can be worn as a brooch or a pendant too. Oh, lucky me! Finally, my cameo has made an appearance...

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