Monday, September 20, 2010


Art is my life and creativity is my life force.

Here's to rekindling that spark that started it all...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kiss The Baby!

Besides packages, my cute little nephew always makes me happy. Since Auntie Awesome (who currently still doesn't feel so awesome. Bah!) lives so far away from the cuteness that is little Mattie, she has to make do with photos and videos. Thank goodness for technological advancements! For without such revolutionary gadgets, I will not be able to enjoy such a cute and chubby sight! Just look at all those little piggies! (And yes, I meant his sausage-like fingers and toes. Hehe!)

I also want to thank the lovely people who have left comments and well wishes in my last post. I do not intend to be such a downer but sometimes, life really gets to you, you know? Anyway, thank you very much! The world can definitely use more people like you guys. Spread the love! Bless your hearts.

Since I enjoyed the package I received from Stephanie during the recently concluded Package Exchange Project (and since I'm such a greedy little hamster. Ha!), I just want to throw out an open invitation to anybody out there who would be interested in exchanging packages with me. Just post a comment and leave your email. Just as I love receiving packages, I also enjoy sending them so drop me a note. I'm not sure as to how many, if any, would reply but I won't be able to exchange packages with everybody (that's assuming I get a TON of replies which I probably won't since my blog is so teeny tiny). My current stash of goodies might be sufficient for only 2-3 packages.

I do want to say that there definitely will be another package exchange in the near future so please check in every now and then. You can also follow me in Twitter or leave a comment here so that I can get in touch with you when the next exchange comes up.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Happiness in a box!

I haven't been posting much and I apologize. I haven't been feeling well and I'm also feeling mildly depressed. Such is life, right? I do want to thank the lovely people who have left comments while my blog was on an unplanned hiatus. It warms my little heart to see that people actually do visit and read my humble blog. Thank you so much!

I'm one of those people who can't function properly when I'm feeling rather blue. But time waits for no one and is sadly wasting away so I decided to do something productive. I ended up polishing a silver candelabra I recently thrifted. Nothing like repetitive, brainless movements to keep your mind off of things. Wipe on. Wipe off. Then I heard a knock on the door! It was Mr. Fedex Man bearing a huge package for me!

It was my package from the Package Exchange Project from my lovely partner, Stephanie of Church Clothes! It was hard restraining myself from tearing off the box into pieces while I took pictures. It was so exciting and so much fun! It was definitely a lot better than repetitive, brainless movements! Receving a package is like receiving happiness in a box! For a while, my sickness and my blues went away.

Stephanie did an awesome job picking out items for the exchange. Almost everything was thrifted and definitely old school! I love it! She sent me an awesome red vintage purse, a cute leather belt, a precious little Trifari owl pin, stickie notes, a heart ice-tray and dog tail wall hook from Ikea, and a mini bubble gum dispenser from the 80s. I was in absolute heaven! I immediately scrambled for coins to get some of the Skittles that were inside the bubble gum dispenser. I love Skittles. I have fond childhood memories of Skittles.

Thank you so much for your package, Stephanie! Your thoughtfulness and creativity is greatly appreciated. Plus, the timing of your package is just perfect. Nothing like a good package to lift you up when you're down. Thank you so much!

Now, I'm very excited to see what everyone else got. Please feel free to share some of your photos so that we can post it in the blog for all to see. This was definitely a good idea and I'm certainly going to host another one soon. I will keep you all posted!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

All I want to be is lazy.

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