Friday, January 29, 2010

The Doctor Is In.

When I was in high school, bands like Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, and Sound Garden ruled the airwaves. Seattle was known for its alternative grunge scene. (It was then when my teenage obsession with Jerry Cantrell blossomed) All the angst and non-conformity was the big thing back then. It was the golden era in music. Well, for me at least.

And of course, with the music, came the fashion. I remember kids wearing oversized plaid shirts with shorts like Eddie Vedder, torn up jeans like Kurt Cobain, and all black outfits like Chris Cornell. There was even a time when a friend of mine and I wore kilts and boots, a memory my friend would like me to forget, I'm sure! (Oh! The silly things impressionable teenagers do) The fashion was just as unique as the music that inspired it but if there was one item that would define it, it would be the 8 Eye Dr. Martens Airwair Boots. It was the must-have item. Kids would nab these boots left and right that they were almost always sold out in stores. They were ravenous over these boots while I was happy with my knock-offs. (I've always been the practical one)

I was recently flipping through the March 2010 issue of Seventeen magazine when I saw a photo of the floral Dr. Martens. (As with every year, floral stuff would be big this spring) Back then, the yellow Doc Martens were the rares. Apparently, these floral ones are hard to find as well. (Cue OCD) They definitely have that girly vintage vibe about them and I think I just found my new obsession. (Exit practicality) Now, a new quest begins.

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