Thursday, June 10, 2010

Honor Roll

Old School Cool is all about giving new life to vintage items. It is about adding your personal twist to make something "old" into something completely fresh and new.

Honor Roll posts will feature customer-submitted photos of them wearing their Old School Cool treasures. Like Honors Students, they will be rewarded in the form of a 10% off your entire purchase discount. This discount is good on their next purchase and it excludes shipping. Although this discount will never expire, it can only be used once. It is also non-transferable.

I strongly encourage Old School Cool customers to send me their photos not only for them to get the discount but to inspire other people as well. Like most vintage items, we believe in uniqueness and second chances and Honor Roll celebrates that.

For inquiries and photo submissions, please send me a convo in Etsy.

1 comment:

Purple Deer said...

Oh I like the sound of this.

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