Thursday, February 4, 2010

Twice In A Lifetime.

Twice. That's how many times I got lucky this week when it comes to scoring vintage Diane von Furstenberg luggage. I do not travel a lot but I figured having proper luggage would hopefully invite some much needed escape into my life. (Attention, Universe!) I would also be the first to say that I am definitely no bag hag nor am I well educated in the world of designer handbags and such but I do know a good deal when I see one.

These babies are definitely a good deal! The 2-piece floral ones are definitely in good used vintage condition. They have some scuff marks here and there and have definitely been to places. One of the zipper pulls is broken though but the zipper still works fine. *whew* The Shanghai Boarding Bag, however, is in *gasp* mint condition! It doesn't seem like the previous owner used it all. The name tag is still blank! The bigger wheeled version was also at the store but was rather decrepit so I decided to let that one go. Besides, I only had a few bucks to spare that day. I reckon, 2 DVF bags will do just fine.

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