Saturday, February 27, 2010

Outfit Post: All That Dramz.

I finally got to wear one of my vintage Venetian scroll design sweaters. Something about them just makes me think of old school t.v. soaps like Dynasty and Falcon Crest. Ah! Your daily dose of dramz, glitz and cheez. Hehehe! (Not that I watched them or anything. Hey! I was still in my bloomers!) It's probably the whole Venetian scroll design thing that invokes that glitzy cheezy factor. I love it! The sweater was actually long enough (and with the help of my non-existent backside) I was able to wear it as a tunic. For an added bit of bling, I also wore my newly acquired zebra pin. There's nothing like old school t.v. for some wardrobe inspiration. Then again, wallpapers work too! (Having just realized my awesome sweater actually looks like wallpaper in a really old house) Wah! I still love it!

  • Sweater: Vintage Jones New York
  • Tights: Target
  • Lace-Up Boots: Forever 21
  • Zebra Pin: Thrifted

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