Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Artspiration: Paul Nosa

Paul Nosa (or more popularly known as P.Nosa) is an artist from Tucson, AZ. Besides drawing, painting, photography, and making music, he also does free-motion embroidery, which is making art with a sewing machine. Sounds easy? NOT. Awesome? Absolutely!

I was first acquainted with P.Nosa when I saw photos of the Renegade Craft Fair. His booth was unlike any other. He pedals his bike to power his portable sewing machine which he uses to create awesome embroidered art on patches of cloth. I own a sewing machine and I also do a little sewing myself but what he does is just spectacular, not to mention difficult and very creative! It's almost like Etch A Sketch using a sewing machine instead. Having said just that, I guess his booth can also be considered an art installation. The artist at work.

When I saw photos (or shall I say "patches"?) of his works, I was completely in awe. Some were as "simple" as a pair of headphones while some were more complex as something as to which I could only describe as a "whimsical scene in someone's imagination". How ever which way you put it, there's no denying that P.Nosa's work is definitely special. Out of the box and out of this world, special!

Feed your imagination and visit his website. It's jampacked with art and music. Take a look around, make a donation, or even commission a patch of art! And I admit, I'll never look at my sewing machine the same way ever again.

All Artwork is copyrighted 2009 by P.Nosa

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Melissa said...

Oh wow, what amazing embroidery art!

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