Sunday, August 8, 2010

Outfit Post: Girls Who Wear Boy Clothes

I recently got my package from Annie of Timely Vintage so I was totally stoked! I just had to use my new purse stat! Here's a little back story... I joined a giveaway and as a prize, I received a $25 gift certificate to spend on anything in Annie's awesome Etsy store. She has tons of cool dresses but I ended up using my gift certificate on this dandy Dooney purse! You can never go wrong with a black purse!

The weather yesterday was lovely. Whoopee! The Mister and I had dinner with the in-laws out in the east side and below was what I wore. It was cool since I was able to use my new purse! I think it went well with my outfit. Dinner was great and the whole family walked around Partridge Creek Mall to burn off some calories and to check out the very kid-friendly water fountain they had. It was so fun watching the kids play, trying to avoid getting spurted by the water.

After we parted ways, the kind and patient Mister took me to a local thrift store for some shopping. I scored a really cute deadstock Keds sandals and white woven huaraches. I also got 2 vintage skirts and a really dandy blouse. I'm still mustering the courage to wear said dandy blouse because the Mister is right, it "screams" old fashioned vintage. We'll see...

  • White Roll-up Long Sleeve Shirt: Old Navy
  • Gray Vest: Charlotte Ronson
  • Metal Fringe Necklace: Gap
  • Wide Black Canvas Belt: Old Navy
  • Cropped Pants: H&M
  • Black and Gray Oxford Heels: Marc Fisher
  • Slim Metal Bangles: JC Penney
  • Vintage Dooney & Bourke Purse: Timely Vintage, Etsy


Arielle said...

Those shoes are to die for.

Archives said...

victor/victoria! so cute.

Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

I love those pants.

Vanessa Mala/HeightofVintage said...

great outfit!
love the shoes...great look for fall!

Kim said...

I love boyish clothes on girls! And those shoes, wow!


cb said...

your outfit is great and bag works perfect with it!


Jenni said...

What a great bag! I love boy clothes so much! Makes me excited for fall when I can wear little blazers and vests!

Grache said...

uhm taray ng hair!

Becky said...

Nice outfit

Ashley J said...

Just found your blog and I love it!!

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