Tuesday, August 10, 2010

P.E.P. Participants

Here's a current list of P.E.P. participants. If I've forgotten anyone, please send me a message and I'll check my mail folders. Sign-up is still open so please come and join the fun! You can click the banner above or click here. Sign-up closes on Sunday, August 15, so hurry! :)

  • Alexandra, AZ
  • Alexis, FL
  • Anne, MI
  • Erica, TX
  • Jami, NJ
  • Jenni, NV
  • Jennifer, PA
  • Jessica, RI
  • Jules, PA
  • Katie, NJ
  • Lyn, CA
  • Lyndsey, GA
  • Megan, PA
  • Nikki, IL
  • Stephanie, CA
  • Stephanie, FL
  • Teresa, MI
  • Vanessa, TX
  • Windsor, GA

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