Sunday, August 8, 2010

Top Bun

After reading J.Crew's July Catalog for the nth time, I decided to play around with my hair. I wanted to emulate Behati Prinsloo's messy top bun. After 3 minutes of combing and trying to get my super unruly hair into a high ponytail, I spent about 2 minutes twisting and pinning the bun in place. Pardon the mug, but except for that chunk of hair that wants to do its own thing, I think my newbie efforts turned out somewhat decent. Those hair screw thingies definitely made it a lot easier! I think some hair spray will help too.

I'm getting bored with my hair and was contemplating on getting bangs again. I like it when I have bangs and the boy is kind of fond of them too. They make me feel young and look young. The only drawback is that bangs block my line of sight. Well, that and it's akward when you're growing it out. I think I will play with top buns some more and then decide if I should still get a haircut. Besides, I need to pay my credit card bill first! I hope everyone's weekend is coming along swimmingly!


Practical Whimsy said...

The only problem with top buns: they are highly addictive! When my hair was long, it was in a top bun every day! But, what can I say, they're awesome.

Archives said...

i had been wondering about those spinny pin things! i'm totally going to get some now :)

Teresa said...

@Practical Whimsy: You're absolutely right! At first, I was contemplating on getting bangs and maybe cutting my hair short but now I'm totally hooked on top buns!

@Archives: Those spinny pin things are awesome! It does the job of 20 hairpins. Plus, it gives me the right to actually say that the "screws" in my head are getting loose. Hehehe! :)

**EYE-SNACKS** said...

Ha,I did this before when I had long hair but it slided next to my ear :-)

And Theresa thanx for your both comments on my blog.I appreciate! But they couldn't appear on my blog:(

Warm greetings,Ingridxx

not a minx, a moron, or a parasite said...

I'm growing my bangs out now...when I have bangs, they never stay in place; when I grow them out, they look a bit silly. Ugh. Hair drama!

Claudine said...

Since i've seen this post from you, I wear the side buns ! I love it, it's perfect for showing my shaved head side.

Keep rocking darlin' !


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