Friday, May 21, 2010

Easy Buns

I've been reading a lot of posts from my favorite blogs about top knots and loose buns. It seems to be the "in" hairstyle these days. They're effortlessly chic and they don't have to be perfect which is why a lot of stylish ladies turn to this classic hairstyle. Personally, I like it because it keeps my long brown hair off my shoulders on a warm day. It gives me that breezy feeling. Believe me, having long hair on a warm day can some times get hot.

Anyway, I'm not a hairstylist and I'm definitely not good at pinning those ballerina buns perfectly. With my thick hair, I would probably need a gajillion bobby pins to keep that bun in place. I suppose some of you can use a little help too. I found this hair screw thing by Goody that does the job brilliantly! They're called Spin Pins and they're the niftiest things ever! For $5, you get 2 Spin Pins. They're really easy to use! They really hold your bun in place too! I use them all the time and can't imagine wearing a bun without them. Check it out!

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