Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Roxy and Me

Roxy is Ann's little Shih Tzu. Roxy is 4 years old and she's adorable! (Just look at her little outfit and her hairbows! Girl's got style!) We kept each other company while I was in Los Angeles during my short sabbatical.

At first, I thought she would be spoiled but she kinda grew on me. She's really just a quiet little doggy who mostly sleeps and keeps to herself but she's got some adorable moves too! One time, as I came upstairs after having my lunch, I found the silly little girl sleeping right smack in the middle of my airbed, all curled up in my blanket too! They say Shih Tzus were bred to be bed warmers for the Chinese Emperor. I guess Roxy is definitely staying true to her breed!

Stay classy, Roxy Girl! Auntie Teresa misses you! Until next time! :)


Becky said...

Oh, she's SOOOO cute!

Anonymous said...

Roxy's sure a cute little pup!

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