Monday, May 24, 2010

Outfit Post: Heart-Eyed Sailor

Another lovely day! (I hope I didn't just jinx our luck with the weather!) Mr. Old School arrived early from work today so we were able to go to the nature preserve to enjoy the weather. The geese, the swans, the birds, and even the turtles were out to play! We even saw a turtle laying eggs! How neat is that? I was completely in awe! Of course, a trip outdoors will never be complete without bubbles! Check out the photos below! This is definitely a great way to start the week right!

  • White Heart Shaped Sunnies: Bought at a flea market
  • Blue Gingham Dress: Vintage Gap
  • White Sailor Necktie: Isaac Mizrahi Dress Belt worn as a tie
  • White Strappy Sandals: Bass Sunjuns


STEP 1: Dig a hole with back flippers.

STEP 2: Lay eggs into the hole while no one is watching.
(No one was watching and so, there was no photo!)

STEP 3: Cover hole with mud and grass.

(Photo of said covered hole)

STEP 4: Leave covered hole and go back to natural habitat.

It must be tough being a single mother turtle! Mr. Old School and I plan to visit the hole to check if anything ever comes out of it. I'm very curious and excited! I've never seen anything like it!


Anonymous said...

your dress is totally cute, so are your lolita glasses!

piglet said...

Adorable outfit!
And I hope you get to see the baby turtles. (and take pictures!!!)

Grache said...

Ok the turtle part was so cool! You really saw it lay eggs? Oh and nice cameo by Mr. Old School...what did you have to do to make him take a picture with you making the bubbles...hehehe

Chloe, Butterfly Cupcakes said...

You look cute. I'm so amazed by that turtle, I wish I saw something like that happen

knk said...

i like your outfit its soo cute and your pictures are very nice bubbles pic superb

Sara Lynn said...

What an exciting week for you! Turtles :)

I love the dress, you look lovely :)

Becky said...

Sweet dress! I'm digging the shades :)

v a m p i r e said...

so cute in your blue dress ♥

Teresa said...

Mr. Old School came back to check and he said that the hole was empty. He reckons the baby turtles hatched while we were away. Too bad we weren't able to see it. But it was a really interesting and awesome experience!

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