Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dujour Magazine

I just subscribed to Dujour Magazine and I must say, I was blown away by the sheer loveliness of it all! I mean, just look at the cover! The photos, the features, the art, the layout... Everything was just pretty and undeniably inspiring! When I saw that their current issue was all about vintage, I knew I had to get my hands on it. With their digital subscription, I didn't have to wait for so long. Within 24 hours after I sent my payment, I was a bonafide Dujour Girl.

Dujour Magazine is America’s first independent, internationally distributed, print-on-demand indie fashion and lifestyle publication dedicated exclusively to emerging designers and artists. What's so cool about them is that they offer digital subscriptions for the low low price of $12! Lovely and eco-friendly. Perfect! You can also purchase print copies thru their website. For a FREE sneak peek, you can view their Art Issue online here or click the cover image below.

I have been flipping through the latest issue for almost an hour now and it's just jam packed with loveliness! It's eye candy that fuels your imagination and creativity. I feel so inspired that I want to get dressed in my frilliest dress and just prance around the park! It's fun to be a Dujour Girl! So, what are you waiting for? Subscribe now and be a Dujour Girl too!


Anonymous said...

have you read neet magazine... it's a free online fashion mag. how does Dujour compare? what's the layout like?

North of 25A said...

I will have to check it out - thanks!

Chelsea Nicole. said...

i am definitely checking this magazine out, just the cover makes me smile, great find ;)


Windsor Grace said...

Those pictures are so adorable! I love them and your outfit!

Haleigh said...

i am sooooooo a dujour girl as well!!! and i am thrilled to have just discovered your blog, off to go read some more now :-D

xoxo Bardot in Blue aka your new fan in Paris

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