Monday, April 5, 2010

Lulu Letty Love!

The lovely Maria of Lulu Letty just informed me that she will be adding my silly old blog to her Michigan Bloggers Link List. THIS silly old blog?!? I couldn't believe it! As a fan of her blog, style, and art... I went absolutely nuts! Maria actually visited my silly old blog?!? [fangirl mode: ON] I absolutely ♥love♥ her! [fangirl mode: OFF] I'm so totally not worthy of such an honor!

I was first introduced to Maria's awesome style in Lookbook. I was in a preppy mood that day when I came across her "Little School House" look. A comment, a hype, and a few mouse clicks later, I was led to her blog. Her style is so diverse and down to earth, I was instantly hooked! [fangirl mode: OFF OFF!!] Plus, she is so sweet and friendly! [fangirl mode: OFF OFF OFF!!!] And she is from Michigan too! How awesome is that?!? [fangirl mode: OFF OFF OFF OFF!!!]

I'm so sorry, Maria. You just got yourself a fangirl for life. Now, if I can only get this fangirl button to work before I radiate sonic gushy giddiness... :)

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