Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What to do on a Monday night?

I found myself utterly bored last night. There was no one to talk to. There was nothing to do. There was ABSOLUTE NOTHINGNESS. And so at 9.30pm, I decided that it was time to run some errands. I've been meaning to go to Walmart to return something that I have purchased online. The item has been sitting miserably in the backseat of my car since forever so I decided that it's finally time to check that off my list. Luckily for me, the local Walmart was open 24 hours. Great! Not only can I return my item, I can also do some late night browsing. 2 birds with 1 stone. Not bad!

I must say, I don't really shop at Walmart. Even the item I returned was bought online. Not that I have anything against them or anything. I just haven't gotten the reason to go there since we have a supermarket down the street. Anyway, I had all the time in the world to finally explore the world of Walmart.

I was really surprised to find some really cool stuff! Being the bargain hunter and thrifty shopper that I am, I immediately gravitated towards the clearance racks. They have so much cool stuff by Norma Kamali and Max Azria/Miley Cyrus! Plus, they have a decent selection of Easter candy on sale at 50% off! Winner!

2 hours and a couple of dollars later, I finally went home. If money can buy happiness, you can buy it for cheap at Walmart.

Awesome stuff for only $3 each! I totally love graphic tees so it was no surprise that I bought 2 of the UK shirts. The elephant shirts reminded me so much of Christopher Kane's work that I just had to get them. They're so quirky! The grey skirt has really cute drapey pockets on the side, I couldn't resist! I also got a really cute black jersey blazer for $3! I didn't have enough space on the futon but trust me, that's the price to beat for a really nice fitting casual blazer.

Sweets at 50% off are definitely sweeter! How can you go wrong with Bubble Tape?!? I also thought the gum dispenser and the egg shaped sheep was cute that I simply must have it! Of course, you gotta have some Easter bunnies!

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