Thursday, March 4, 2010

Alice In Wonderland!

Mia Wasikowska with short hair reminds me of the other Mia with the same iconic haircut. Anyways...

Tomorrow's the day when Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland hits the theaters! I haven't been to the cinema in a long time and I reckon the last movie I've seen was "Up". I'm quite interested in this one that I actually just might use the free cinema passes that have been safely stashed in my purse since Christmas. I've visited the website and I've seen a couple of trailers and I have to say, I'm very excited! It looks like a complete eye candy overload! (And I'm not talking about Johnny Depp) The colors, the effects, the environment, the characters, and the costume! I don't know but I suddenly have that urge to wear my Rodarte Blue Swiss Dot dress (Or anything blue for that matter!) I feel like a child wanting to play dress up all over again! Anyway, I'm posting some character photos I got off the Internets. Now, if I can just find myself a bunny...

NOTE: Photos taken from and Vanity Fair.

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