Saturday, March 27, 2010

Canvas Tote Bags

I recently went to an estate sale and purchased a rather unique canvas tote bag. It just popped out of the heaps and heaps of purses! Without much thought or inspection (or even haggling), I purchased the tote bag for the asking price. As soon as I got in my car, I started going thru my spoils and realized that the unique canvas tote bag that I just purchased was actually a tool bag! It's made by Klein Tools which has been around since 1857! That just made my tote bag even more awesome! I've never seen such a dandy and stylish tool bag like that! It's also good to know that my newly acquired tote bag is EXTREMELY sturdy. If it can carry tools, I think it should be good enough to carry my stuff around. (Not that I carry hammers or anything! Hehehe!)

So, fast forward 2 weeks later... I was reading through Lucky Magazine's April issue when I came across a tote bag that looked kind of familiar. These bags are called Flea Bags and they look just like my canvas tool bag! They're made by fleamarket addicts, Shira Entis and Alex Bell. Their bags are definitely very lovely and they have that Old English vibe. Of course, mine wasn't as fancy but I think they have the same flair. Just look at how similar they are! Check the bags out by clicking on the photos!

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