Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Outfit Post: Fun With Stripes

I love wearing horizontal stripes! I guess because it's a lot more "fashion-friendly". I mean, would Breton stripes be iconic if they were vertical? I used to wonder if only Bert (Of Sesame Street fame) can pull off wearing vertical stripes. Well, after today's outfit post, I have to say that that statement still holds true. Not to say that my personal attempt was a complete failure. I mean, I like my outfit. I wouldn't walk around town if I didn't. I just found it rather distracting that everytime I looked at my shirt, I kept on thinking of only 2 things: Fruit Stripe Bubblegum and Hotdog On A Stick. (Please refer to photos above) Ok. Fine. I guess my shirt's design made it more Hotdog On A Stick and there's no thought more distracting than "hotdogs" (Think what you want!) while you're running errands around town! I think the outfit's full potential was sabotaged by the shirt's color combination rather than the presence of vertical stripes. Ah! I still think I will (Hotdog On A) stick to horizontal stripes, for now. Hehe!

  • Vertical Stripe Blouse: Vintage, handmade
  • Navy Blue Shorts: Vintage Carson
  • Skinny Red Belt: Anne Klein
  • Black Tights: Target
  • Blue Flats: Etienne Aigner
  • Blue Plastic Headband: Heritage 1981


North of 25A said...

What an adorable blog you have! I love the idea that you are into old school cool - I AM old school cool...

Teresa said...

Hi there! Thank you for visiting my blog! What can I say? Old school is cool! :)

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