Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mod Madness!

I spent most of my free time browsing Etsy and eBay for vintage dresses today. The snow outside is thawing and soon, I can wear dresses again! Yipee! (For the past 2 days, I've been wearing flipflops outside actually. Ah! The sound of flipflops clacking on concrete. What a soothing sound!) But being a petite girl, it's very difficult to find vintage dresses my size so I decided to browse for vintage dress patterns instead. I must say, the McCall's pattern packages are so inspiring! They're so cute and lovely and makes me want to nab a vintage dress even more! Although I own a pretty good sewing machine, it's probably good to add that I also own a set of lazy bones. Well, that and the fact that I also lack patience. Obviously not a good combination if you want to sew a dress from the "ground up". *insert moment of revelation here* So back to browsing Etsy and eBay for me! (Say "NO" to delayed gratification! Hehehe!)

Just a note, I will try to update the shop tomorrow with some medium to large dresses and blouses so please check back again soon. (I will obviously keep the small ones, thank you! Hehe!) In the meantime, get inspired! March Madness? Mod Madness!

NOTE: Clipart taken from random McCall's pattern packages.

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