Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's Raining Shoes!

I'm still trying to get over how awesome my 2 semi-free shoes from Forever 21 are when this lovely pair of perforated lace-ups from Nordstrom showed up. I haven't even worn the 2 lovelies that arrived the other day and here comes another one! Am I dreaming? I must be in heaven! It's official. It's raining shoes! (Hallelujah!)

There's a really interesting story about these lovely perforated lace-up shoes actually. I saw them at the Nordstrom website and I wanted them in white. Since I didn't want to pay shipping (Remember, if you're doing some damage to your credit card, try to be as gentle as possible!), I decided to call up the local Nordstrom to ask if they have it available so I can just pick it up.

A few calls and a few minutes later, the lovely Sales Associate informed me that they do not have it in white in any of their stores but they do have it in black. I stared at my monitor for a while, examining the black version. It wasn't really what I wanted but it was cute and I could always use a back-up one just in case the one I already have decides to fall apart (Knock on wood!). I gave it some thought. After all, I was in search of white ones, not black. I asked her if they were also in sale in the store since it was on sale on the website and the lovely Sales Associate said that they weren't BUT they will match the online price for me. SWEET! Not only that, she also said that she will ship it to me for free. AWESOME!

Next thing I know, there I was on the phone, putting an order for another pair of shoes. That seemingly sweet and helpful Sales Associate just got me to buy another pair of shoes! I got tricked! SNEAKY but SMOOTH! REAL SMOOTH! I give major props to that Sales Associate. Major props. *claps hands*

So, anyway, below is the lovely I bought over the phone. (Apparently, there's no place to hide from shopping!) It's amazing how they make you part with your money so easily and without much thought.


cb said...

CUTE! they look super comfy too! report is a good brand!

erin :) said...

Love those shoes! They look so sleak and cool. Great pick! :)

Lovely blog!
Erin :)

Micaela said...

I love this shoes. They are amazing!
So, thanks for signing my blog
I follow u, so you follow me back!

rebecca said...

You got played ;) At least they're very very nice shoes!

this free bird said...

Shut it! Are you kidding me? LOVE

You're like the shoe deal meister! And props to the Sales Associate...even though you DID get the free shipping so it's kinda even. Woot!


Anonymous said...

I love when it rains shoes!!! haha these are so cute ^.^

Anonymous said...

They look very comfortable!! I love them!
Thanks for visiting my blog.
All my love!


Clare said...

Oooh, they are lovely! Super comfy too :)

tweet tweet tweet


Anonymous said...

I love love love love those shoes

S.Elisabeth said...

Ah I love this story! HAha and I love the shoes!!

MarchMusings said...

I picked up a similar pair in tan- I plan to use mine a lot.

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