Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Outfit Post: Working Girl

This is what I wore today. After Monday's outfit post which was so girly, I decided to give menswear a try. Nothing like a little contrast, right? Well, sort of. I've been browsing through my J.Crew catalogs and was inspired by one of their photos. I'm pretty sure the model was not sporting a muffin top but hey! I wouldn't give up my cookies and candies for anything in the world! I also bought this faux leather watch in Walmart so I figured I definitely have to wear something black or meanswear-ish to wear it. I've been wanting a simple black leather strap watch so this was an awesome find. It's not dainty (read: tiny and frilly) like most women's watches and I love how simple it is. The design was classic and the shape was just right. Plus, it was just $10. It was perfect.

  • Gray Blazer: Larry Levine New York
  • White Scoop Neck Shirt: TJ Maxx
  • Turqouise Silk Tie: Heritage 1981
  • Black Belt: Target
  • Denim Trousers: Express Editor Trousers
  • Faux Leather Watch: Walmart
  • Sneakers: Jack Purcell via JCrew


who.knows.what.dreams.may.go said...

very very cool

Wendy said...

This really looks good on you! Fresh and young with a little edge.

Meg! said...

I love those pants! So cute! <3

this free bird said...

Teresa you look adorable. Seriously. This is such a cute look.

And exactly what muffin top are you referring to?? You look great!


Justice Pirate said...

love the outfit

KristiMcMurry said...

I love those jeans! Very classy...and seriously, I see no muffin top. If you want to see muffin top, you should see me in a tight shirt. Actually it's more along the lines of a spare tire. haha

Vanessa Mala said...

wow! what an awesome walmart watch! I wants!!!
I love the entire look.

BekaLoves said...

This looks so cute on you! and that's a great watch. I always like a little bit of edge to an outfit.

Teresa said...

Thank you, ladies! You girls make me blush! :)

The denim trousers are really awesome! They look sort of professional yet they are denim so there are somewhat casual too. I just love the straight, baggy cut. If you ladies are interested, I believe they come in different colors too! :)

Alice said...

Those jeans are so classy. Love the look, so cute :D

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