Friday, July 23, 2010

The One Ring!

I had a rather busy day today and with just a couple days left before my friend's wedding this weekend, things are getting a little too hectic. Since it's going to be a garden wedding, I really hope with all my heart that the weather cooperates!

In times like these, there's nothing more comforting than stuffing your face with some good old candy suckers. These ring pops are actually left overs from the loot bag I prepared for my friend's Bachelorette Party. Every girl wants bling and there's definitely nothing cooler than a ginormous bling you can eat! They come in different colors and flavors too! I must admit, it took me a couple of minutes admiring the ginormous candy bling on my finger before I started eating it. It's almost like adult pacifiers.

A little sweetness always help take some of my worries away.


Melissa said...

What delightful nostalgia!

Anonymous said...

:O That's so cool! It reminds me of the lollie bracelets I wore (and ate) during primary school. :)

Belle xx said...

i love these!
i really want one xxx

kiss me quick said...

ahah love that xD

xxx kissmequick

cb said...

don't worry sweetie, the weather will be great and everything will come together! i had a garden wedding too, it was a little windy but we made due with what we could and everyone had an excellent time!



Anonymous said...

I love ring pops I just ate one last week hehe. Love em love em. Following :)


Imogen said...

These are amazing! Love them so much.

Meg! said...

Those used to be my fave thing ever in middle school! Oh man... love. Although it's so frustrating when you get down to the bottom, and the base of the ring gets in your way when you try to eat the last few chunks of candy. D:

Erica Leigh said...

hey, nostalgia!!
ring pops were my favorite.

i always wanted a boy to give one to me. heck, i'd still want a boy to give me one. ;D


Stevia said...

I used to eat them all the time!
and play with them too
like a wedding ceremony thing

come visit my blog..

Technolustmaxx said...

This is one of the best ideas for a blog I've seen in ages.

I love how those ring pops can double as candy chic and actual candy and, of course, I love the Alice in Wonderland Underwater post.

I'll be back. Like the boy at the back of the old school cool class.


Ali said...

Ahhh! I love these. I still eat them. ;) Blue and red swirled are the best.

Lily said...

ohhh i haven't seen this in a while! Lucky you! Looks yummy!

Teresa said...

Ring pops are yummy! I found them at the local grocery. 4 pieces for a $1. Cheap sweetness! Hehehe!

And I definitely agree with Meg. It does get frustrating when you get to the bottom of the ring. Getting to the candy part gets harder and I definitely wouldn't want to throw the tiny bit of candy away. ;)

Thank you for all your comments! :)

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