Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Shop Update: Short Overalls

I received my Urban Outfitters catalog the other day and I was pleased to see that the overalls trend is catching up. They featured long overalls in one of their spreads. Overalls are cute but I don't think I can wear it long like that. I personally prefer short overalls, being vertically challenged myself. Since I still have quite a few of them lying around, I decided that it's time for another shop update. Get it while it's hot, ladies!


this free bird said...

You post the best stuff!!

I have those Gap denim shortalls from my Gap days...and a pair of denim full length and a pair of purple velvet ones! GF it was overall mayhem back in the day!!

Come on by for the ebelskiver giveaway. Post is up and would love you to enter.

Everyone welcome!


Kirsten said...

Hello, I only just realised you were following my blog, silly me! I love overalls, especially short ones, though they are not really in fashion here in Australia - not that I follow fashion... :)

Anonymous said...

:O I love overalls! They're so cute. :) I wear the shorter ones too, cos I'm not exactly BFG height to pull off the long ones... (not literally pull of. D: my humour is so warped)
I wear my yellow pair during spring a lot. :D

Anonymous said...

okey, now i really have to jump into the next store and finally get me that jeans overall that i had my eye on..otherwise i will reget it! thx, sweets! ;)

alexkeller said...

i don't know if i can do these again - i used to wear them back in the 90s during my sorta hippie phase. and being vertically challenged as well .... i think i'll have to take a pass on these!


lovely short!

Now, I'm your follower!!!


muchlove said...

those overalls look so cute!

Sarah said...

AHhh I don't think I have the guts to wear overalls. I love how some people wear them but those of us with those dang birthing hips get jipped when it comes to overalls....we just end up looking like farmers:)


Anonymous said...

such found jr. high memories! these look very lovely on the model, not sure about real life. happy for those adventurous to try:)

Leilani said...

Hi there, I found you through the Revolving Styles blog, I too am a Midwest vintage blogger (I'm based in Chicago).

I just wanted to let you know about a giveaway for a Shabby Apple dress on my blog: http://www.thriftaholic.net You should definitely enter!!

Teresa said...

Hi lovelies! Thank you for all your comments. :)

nyc lu said...

personally im a little scared of the denim overalls trend returning. i like it better in non-denim, right now! but maybe after some time..?

p.s. i LOVE the look of your blog! thanks so much for visiting

**EYE-SNACKS** said...

Hmm, these are nice overalls! It's a long time ago I had those.
maybe it's time to buy one again?

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